Thanksgiving in Santa Fe: Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Yay! I am thankful for so many things, and I believe it is important to regularly enumerate these things, even if only to one’s self, to keep a happier, more appreciative life.

I am thankful for amazing friends like Micah.  He has taken me into his home for a week!  I have so many incredible friends in my life, who have stood by me when times were difficult, celebrated with me when times are good.  I am so happy to have such abundance and love in my life.

I am thankful for my plushy, lovey cat Dave, who I miss very much!

I am thankful for having a place to live, even if it is a disaster right now.  I had the studio which was perfect for me during a very difficult time, and now I have my sunny apartment where I can host knitting parties and all sorts of things. A home.

I am thankful for my family, my amazing family. My dad who is my best friend.  My sisters who are funny and talented and incredible.  My mum who is so sweet. My extended family, my island family, my new family. I am a very lucky woman, and I hope I never take it for granted.

I am thankful for my wonderful job and my generous and fantastic boss.  I look forward to work every day. I would do anything for Sully.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to express great love and have it received and returned. To have someone stand with me in phoenix flames as it licks and dances around us.  To finally be awake. To feel safe.

I mapped out my plan for scheduling all the cooking, keeping in mind high elevation cooking can take longer.  Once I got the bird in the oven, Micah and I went on a walk on the Arroyo Chemiso trail, which runs parallel to part of the Rail Trail.

Intense, Santa Fe!

Intense, Santa Fe!

It is a very pleasant walk, with some goats on the other side of fences that say NO TRESPASSING. Good thing there are some big gaps in the fence so I could see the baby goats!

We also passed a high school with some disturbing signage declaring DEMON COUNTRY. Some of the photos I took on our walk would indicate these findings are correct, but it is juxtaposed to some pretty incredibly natural beauty, so the jury is still out.

When we got back, I put on some bossa nova and Micah and I got to work on the non-poultry items. Micah loves the broccoli salad at Whole Foods, and was on a mission to recreate it. This involved candying cashews, and so I was immediately a fan of everything he was doing. I made butternut squash, stuffing, and baked potatoes. Instead of chicken stock for the stuffing I used pan drippings and apple cider. I might be a super genius.



When everything was ready, we toasted with Martinellis, turned on the Pixies and enjoyed.  Everything was perfect, though if you ask Micah the broccoli salad wasn’t exactly the way he wanted.  He may still be trying to figure out the secret to making it exactly perfect.

After dinner, I took a little nap while Micah cleaned up.  Then it was off to a scenic overlook of Santa Fe at sunset, by way of Hyde Memorial State Park and the Santa Fe National Forest.  The aspen forest, even with all the leaves dropped off is really spectacular. Several feet of snow have already fallen up there, too (another thousand or so feet above sea level, by the way).

An abnormally large number of cars from Texas were coming down the mountain as we were going up.  Easily as many Texas license plates as New Mexico.  It was … odd.  Our best speculation was that a large Texan family had a reunion for Thanksgiving every year at the ski area.

Even though there were a lot of clouds, the view was breathtaking, as though the sky were on fire. I can’t imagine a better way to end a Thanksgiving with my beloved friend.

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