Day 5: Indiana

My chaperones for the walk up to the barn.

My chaperones for the walk up to the barn.

I woke up leisurely Tuesday morning to homemade English muffins and Amanda’s awesome cat.  Then it was on the road south to adventure in Indiana then ultimately Ohio.

I was finishing up the Paddle your Own Canoe audio book and enjoying myself pretty well as I waved goodbye to fantastic Chicago.

I really want to visit Chicago again soon (in the grand scheme of things).  It has great energy and there are so many things I still need to see and do.   New friends to get to know better and old friends I will never get sick of spending time with.  Chicago fills my heart up pretty well, I’d say.

The most notable item about my drive from Chicago to a little farm in Indiana was the wind farm I drove through.  I didn’t get any photos because I was driving, so I will try to explain it.

Now, I have seen windmills before.  There’s one on the way to Boston.  Fifty feet tall.  No big deal.  Sure, windmill.

I am heading down the highway and all of a sudden on both sides of the road are these HUGE windmills, maybe 250 feet tall?  HUGE.  First a few, then as far as the eye could see on either side of the road. I felt like I was driving through the future.  There was one that had turbines not moving. It flipped me out, like a huge robot sentinel trying to disguise itself among the windmills, ready to zap someone with its secret laserbeam eyeball.

Once I had cleared the spinning robot army, I arrived in a small town north of Indianapolis to visit Joanna (JoannaSpring in Nerd Wars).

Joanna is wicked sweet, and her house has haunted house shutters, as she had indicated!  I was greeted by her dog who may have peed on me a little bit.  Whoops.  Sugar’s got a black tongue.  Not blue, like a Chow’s, but legitimately black.  She is so sweet and my buddy now.

There were free-roaming chickens of so many varieties!  They followed us out to the barn, hoping for bananas.

Nubian goats Saffron and Kaylee, and Southdown sheep Martha, Clara and Rose were in the barn, along with a pretty swallow in the ceiling, and a curious lady turkey.

After some homemade bread with homemade raspberry preserves, I was off east to Ohio.

There was a traffic accident just outside of Indianapolis which made everything sort of stand still. Wheee…

I made it to the home of Jen (Satonika in Nerd Wars) and her family before dark, and we went out for wings and deep fried cauliflower for dinner.  Deep fried cauliflower is my new favorite thing.  Om. Nom. NOM.

I updated Nerd Wars when we got back to the house and then socked out, despite the advances of German Shepherd mix Zisa.  She is very insistent, and very goofy.

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