Day 8: Washington, D.C.


I decided Friday morning that my car needed an oil change, so I started the day with a trip to one of the Lynchburg Jiffy Lubes.

Keep in mind, I was fresh from my adventure in the insect version of a “wintry mix” in West Virginia, so the front bumper looked like this:



So, when the Jiffy Lube people offered to clean my windows, the answer was Very Yes.  I know they tried, but the windows were still besot with some fairly persistent guts.  Oh well.  Off to Washington, D.C.!

The drive up was fairly short, and pleasant enough.  Wicked hot out though.  I make it to the Rosslyn area of Arlington, Virginia for the meet-up with my Nerd Warriors.  I knew it was at a place called Cosi, but I don’t know what that is, so it was a little interesting to find.  I do like the metropolitan feel of the area that is different than other major cities I have been in; Washington has this dark, sanitized feel.

Cosi apparently is like a Panera Bread, but without soup in a breadbowl.   The one in Rosslyn has a very clean bathroom – recommended!

Pamela (KnittingPamela in Nerd Wars) showed up shortly after I arrived, and was filled with enthusiasm!  We chatted and were joined by Kate (MissAnthropyKnits (formerly K8Black) in Nerd Wars). After a while, I expressed some anxiety about the cost of the parking garage where I had parked my car, and also about the general safety of my possessions in the car that was out of my sight.  We chose to relocated to a barbecue place with a parking lot nearby.

How fortuitous we wanted a parking lot!  Rocklands Barbecue is awesome! They have a bourbon club, and it is magnificent.

Four Roses small batch neat, and a Bulleit Manhattan

Four Roses small batch neat, and a Bulleit Manhattan

Kate is a bourbon aficionado as well, and poor Pamela decided to try the house whiskey which ended in great sadness for all.   The food was delicious.  The owner was also very present and friendly.

Another of the patrons of Rocklands that night was Chewy the Biker Dog of Raleigh, North Carolina.  I’d been chatting with Pamela and Kate and saw a motorcycle go by with a dog on the back  I mean, I thought it was a dog and I pointed out the amazingness but in eyeshot was a little kid who had fallen off his bench and was being consoled and so I think at first Kate and Pamela thought I was pointed at this poor kid.  Then, Chewy and his dude Butch come into the patio area we were in.

Chewy's last Rolling Thunder before retirement

Chewy’s last Rolling Thunder before retirement

Chewy’s a super handsome dog who loves his goggles and helmet.  He’s been tens of thousands of miles on the motorcycle, raising money for charity and being generally awesome.

It was a great day with great people, and I ended the evening at my aunt Cheryl’s, which is a lovely place and I had an incredible visit.

Embrace life with the heart of a buddha

Embrace life with the heart of a buddha

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