Day 9: Brooklyn, NY


The drive from DC to NYC is one of the shortest of my trip.  Or, was supposed to be.  Somewhere on the New Jersey Turnpike there was a sudden, intense rainstorm.  Traffic was slowed to about 30 mph with people having their emergency flashers on in hopes that they could be seen in the wall of water. It was incredibly powerful, but then was over as quickly as it began.  The highway was still super soggy, though, so it was a bit slow going until we got to a dry spot.  You know, just in time for the strip of pot holes known as the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

I found a parking spot less than half a block from the Brooklyn apartment of Audrey (MissAudrey in Nerd Wars), which was super rad.  We sampled some bourbon from Kings County Distillery right in Brooklyn, then went to an Indian restaurant nearby for some dinner.  It was delicious, and I was amused by how meticulous the server was about the arrangement of dishes on our table.

We met Heather and Amy (everknowledge and AJB30 from Nerd Wars) from New Jersey, and New York folk Marsha, Lexie and Margaret (Pyra, Rekishi and CraftingCrusader from Nerd Wars) at this pub called the Way Station.  You guys, the bathroom is a TARDIS.

There was this band playing there called Perp Walk.  Comprised of NY1’s reporter Roger Clark and his coworker Bunny.  I can’t tell if they are horrible or wonderful or both but I kind of love them.

I may have made eye contact.  Intense, staring, eye contact.

I may have made eye contact. Intense, staring, eye contact.

It was wicked loud though, so despite the sweet-ass geek-inspired drink menu, we went up the street to a pub called Washington Commons where we could simultaneously imbibe and also have actual conversations.  It was a lot of fun hanging out with so many Nerd Warriors talking about dorky stuff.

Afterwards, Audrey and I got some proper New York slices and went back to her house for some local beers and looked up handsome men on Google image search until 2 a.m.  Totally normal.


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